I’m reading about an alcohol detoxification program that began in 1967 in New York City for homeless men. It’s making me think of my grandma Lill, who was born in New York City in 1911. On payday she used to make sandwiches for the “bowery bums,” and walk down Bowery Street handing them out. She often told me, “Those men were good men and really interesting to talk to. Most of them had read all the classics.”



  1. sweet rachel

    the lines i quote below are from a dylan song on the1965 album ‘bringing it all back home’ i assume you may know it its called ‘bob dylan’s 115 dream’

    if you havent heard it & you find it now i’m sure you’ll be surprised & enjoy the opening seconds when dylan begins singing & playing his guitar while the rest of the band misses their cue t start playing

    the laughter & deep voice are dylan’s though some say the voice is not his but the producers but i am positive its his own

    it was knowing this trivia & being introduced to that baritone voice that helped convince me in 1969 against the opinion of most of my friends that the man crooning on an album called ‘nashville skyline that was playing endlessly all day on fm radio truly was bob dylan so here finally is the quote that comes near the beginnin of the song shortly after landin on the good shores of america “…….Captain Arab he started Writing up some deeds He said, “Let’s set up a fort And start buying the place with beads” Just then this cop comes down the street Crazy as a loon He throw us all in jail For carryin’ harpoons.

    Ah me I busted out Don’t even ask me how I went to get some help I walked by a Guernsey cow Who directed me down To the Bowery slums Where people carried signs around Saying, “Ban the bums” I jumped right into line Sayin’ “I hope that I’m not late” When I realized I hadn’t eaten For five days straight.

    i love you tsvi



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