go vote. I’ll send you a book of your choice.

I’m okay with the fact that I’ve been distracted for months. Mildly to wildly distracted by American election politics and these particular candidates. This close to this unprecedented, flabbergasting election, I don’t care that I can’t concentrate at work, can’t write and that 80% of what I discuss with my husband, 15% of what I discuss with my 6 year-old, and about 95% of what I discuss with strangers is the election. So be it. It’s almost Tuesday. I’m losing my mind, I’m obsessing, I am wringing my hands, I’m making phone calls and you can be damn sure, I’m voting. One detail of voting that only occasionally crosses my mind is the fact that many people have to wait on line for hours to vote in an American presidential election. Do you? Where do you live? I live in a very populated neighborhood in Brooklyn. I vote at my local elementary school. Whether its morning or night, I’ve never waited more than thirty minutes to vote. I’m really impressed by voters who wait for hours to cast their vote, to have their voice heard; and very often, it’s in jurisdictions that really matter. We really don’t have a choice if we want that voice, but still, it’s a very hard thing to do to wait for hours to vote. While you’re on line, what do you read, or look at, or think about? Are your kids stuck on line too? If you read this, and you are one of the many people who wait 2 plus hours to vote, comment me here with a book title you’d like to read, and I’ll mail it to you. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for voting. Everyone, please – go vote. VOTE.


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